My Movies CSV Tool


This tool compares two CSV files exported through the MyMovies App (Menu > Settings > Share > Send collection). In addition it's possible to remove all movies with a low IMDB rating or low amount of votes. Movies without ratings and barcodes are sorted to the bottom of the list (probably movie boxes).

My MyMovies CSV file:

Other MyMovies CSV file:

Remove all movies with IMDB rating lower than:

Remove all movies with IMDB votes lower than:

Remove doubles by barcode:

Remove doubles by imdb id:

Display barcode:


Alternatively search for multiple movie names, actor names, imdb ids or ean codes (one per line):

MyMovies CSV file:

Note: Everything between brackets and special words like "DVD", "Blu-Ray" are not considered while searching.

Search only in movie titles:


Obtain a list of German movie names and obtain their IMDB ID: